The Consumer Electronics Show of 2005 is over and as we sum up the show for our PC-related technology readers, you’ll find some interesting information along all fronts inside.

At CES 2005 this January in Las Vegas, the amount of PC-related vendors and displays was definitely increased from the previous two I have attended.  This is no doubt due to the death of the Comdex convention that catered directly to that audience, which was always in November.  Without that show, the PC technologies companies needed an avenue to find buyers and customers at a US trade show – that responsibility has fallen into the hands of CES.

While some PC enthusiasts may not see the relation between what they do and the Consumer Electronics Show, the overlapping areas between the PC and regular consumer electronics has been increasing dramatically over the past five years or so.  The new emphasis on video quality from NVIDIA, the rise in availability of set top form factor PCs and Windows Media Center editions are just a few of the examples of the PC tech companies jumping into the consumer electronics market.  They know, just as most analysts have been predicting, that the PC and all the other technology that interconnects us will soon be as integrated into our lives as the refrigerator or our television. 

The majority of the items on display at the show were related directly to video or audio for your home, office, or car.  The companies that PC Perspective is used to dealing with still had the technologies that you are interested in such as motherboards, video cards, and chipsets.  Let’s get into the thick of it and see what interesting tid bits we could come away with.

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