The Software

The Software

Even without the installation of the Corsair software that is included, the module and display will still work and give you the information that I noted on the previous page (temperatures, voltages, and frequency). However, adding the software to your system allows you to do various other things such as create custom messages to be displayed and access the information that the on-DIMM monitoring chip is reading in Windows.

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 14

Opening up the application presents you with this window and a lot of information is available to you right off the bat.  If Corsair memory is installed, the software can give you a lot of detailed information about the DIMM, but even if a third party DIMM is installed, it provides you with a readout of the SPD settings.  Here we can see we are running the modules at 200.1 MHz with memory timings of 2.0 3-3-6, but the SPD settings of the 3200XL modules is actually 2.0 2-2-5.  We can also see the temperture of the module is 25.7 degrees and the voltage is 2.58v. 

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 15

Going into the application options menu we can see that you have the ability to set the application priority, update intervals (from the modules to the software) and some metric settings as well. 

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 16

Here is the section of the application that allows you to customize what is displayed on the module while its running.  Keep in mind that the Corsair software needs to be running in the background for these settings to take place.  The messages shown are pretty self explanatory with the display time showing a message that fits in the 10 character limit and the shift speed used for messages longer than 10 characters.  You can set the decimal precision of what is read out to the display and you can also reverse the LED display; this is necessary for some systems that have the modules oriented in a different way. 

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 17

Here we are with my custom message placed in the software, along with the useful information as well.  I know you are eager to see how it all looks when its running, so lets show you the Corsair Xpert in action!

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