Modules in Action

Modules in Action

First the modules have to be installed carefully and safely.  With the extra display module, I would highly recommend you just install the base module first and then install the display afterwards.  During removal, take the display off first of course. 

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 14
Corsair Xpert modules installed

The lights on the Corsair Xpert engineering samples we have here are bright enough to get a lot of attention in open cases or in windows systems for sure.

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 15

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 16
PCPER.COM running on one of the modules

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 17
The top module only looks blurry due to the camera having a long exposure time. 🙂

Corsair Xpert Memory - Technology Preview - Memory 18
Useful information being displayed


The Corsair Xpert memory series is definitely the most original and creative memory we have ever seen at PC Perspective.  The innovation in them is based around both the custom display they have created for hardcore PC enthusiasts as well as the on-DIMM monitoring chip that allows, for the first time, to get the exact readings of voltage, frequency and temperature directly from the module, without going through some third party software that has the potential to botch the results.  So while the flashing lights may not be everyone’s tastes, I think that accurate readings on those metrics is something that any overclocker or enthusiast can appreciate. 

Corsair is set to launch the Xpert series with the 3200XL modules very soon; those are DDR400 modules rated at CAS 2.0 2-2-5 speeds.  They have told us that there is no reason why this technology can’t be applied across the entire Corsair line, including DDR2 modules, as long as the memory is accepted by the community.  I don’t think Corsair will have any trouble selling us on the benefits of accurate readings, and there are plenty of case modders looking for a way to spice up their next upgrade. 

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