Nearly everyone in the industry is familiar with the epic saga involving Infinium Labs suing HardOCP for this article outlining the facts behind the upcoming Phantom console. Being one of the few people in the industry who is always willing to fight for the truth (regardless of who’s on the other side of the ring), Kyle appropriately gave Infinium the finger. A few months and obscene amounts of cash later, Infinium Labs has motioned to relent all of Kyle’s claims. Not surprisingly, the raising their white flag seems to be an acknowledgement that Kyle was right afterall and the original article contained nothing more than the facts.
IT’S OVER! Infinium Labs has filed two motions with the U.S. District Court that essentially relents to all of KB Networks claims. Word for word, the “Prayer for Relief” in the Amended Declaratory Judgment Complaint filed by Infinium Labs states:

A) Declaring that Plaintiffs’ have no liability to the Defendants under any state or federal statute or common law as a result of the publication of the Article;

B) Declaring that Plaintiffs’ use of Infinium’s trademarks during the period from September 7, 2003, through February 19, 2004, in connection with the Article did not constitute dilution or infringement of those marks or otherwise give rise to liability under any state or federal statute under common law;