With all the new heatsink designs coming out, it’s nice to see that people are still trying to improve my least favorite part of the installation, the clip.  Most have opted for a cage design, and almost every high performance heatsink expects that you will take the motherboard out of the case to install it.  Well, the CoolerMaster Hyper48 Cooler that PimpRig reviews has another way to do the install, maybe you’ll even like it more than clips or cages, so give it a read.
“Installation of the Hyper48 was reasonably simple. The LGA775 spec does not call for a HSF cage, unlike the previous P4 flip-chip spec. Instead, there are just 4 mounting holes in the motherboard for the HSF to attach to. The stock Intel HSF has these weird plunger screw-clips. You basically press the clip into the hole, turn it 90 degrees, and it’s in. It’s a bit tricky the first time you install one. Personally, I prefer the cage method to this.”

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