NVIDIA ready’s a new chipset aimed at the workstation and server market in an attempt to update the aging Opteron chipsets still used on the market today.

The workstation and server market of the PC business is a very different animal from what we see on the desktop and retail sales fronts.  In the enthusiast market, most users are after bleeding edge performance and are frequently upgrading their machines.  In the workstation market, they are after stable products that will never crash, a system that is going to last a couple of years at least and still perform well at the end of its life cycle.  And while you can get a really good enthusiast machine built for under $2000, a workstation machine might run you upwards of $10,000. 

The server market prices go even higher than that, and they need even more stability, performance and trust in their products than the workstation users do.  Enterprise corporations that buy millions of dollars in computer equipment at a single sitting pay big bucks to have their server options compared and tested for just about everything before making the purchase.  Therefore, vendors wanting to make server products are going to be held up to a much higher standard than others.

NVIDIA nForce Professional 2200 MCP - Chipsets 5

NVIDIA is today launching a new line of products called the NVIDIA nForce Professional line of chipsets, starting with the 2200 and 2050 released earlier this week.  NVIDIA’s name has been well known in the workstation market for their Quadro line of GPUs and they have done very well there.  On the chipset side of things, NVIDIA has been moderately successful with the nForce3 Professional line, but the market didn’t truly accept what was really just the same product that was later released in the retail market.  NVIDIA plans on changing that with this release.

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