The Folding Frogs (Team 734) is our very own Folding@Home distributed computing team. The Folding Frogs use their spare CPU cycles to simulate protein folding in an attempt to unlock the mysteries behind mis-folding proteins that result in diseases like alzheimers disease, cystic fibrosis, BSE (Mad Cow Disease), and many types of cancers.

One of the ways Folding teams/members use to track contributions made to the project, as a whole, is thru points that are assigned to each simulated protein based on complexity. Today, we recognize one of the Folding Frogs long standing, contributing members, who have done what only approximately 70 other people, worldwide, have managed to do. Today, Dok crossed the 1 million point threshold today by completing almost 28,000 individual protein simulations! As stated above, only approximately 70 other people in the world (who participate in the project) have achieved this mark. This speaks volumes for Doks dedication and contributions to the Folding @ Home project.

PC Perspective, and the Folding Frogs, would like to take this opportunity to offer our heart felt gratitude and appreciation to Dok for everything he has done for The Folding Frogs (Team 734) and for the Folding at Home project.

Be sure to drop by the thread in our Folding Forum and congratulate him.

If you want to know more about our Folding at Home efforts, feel free to drop by our Folding Forum. Also, be sure to check out our Folding For Our Future video. If you would like to learn more about the Folding at Home project as a whole, then you can find everything you need at Stanfords website and in our Folding Forum.