Pioneer DVR-S806 16x Dual-Layer DVD Writer - Storage 2

  • External DVD writer capable of recording at up to 16x write speed on DVD-R or +R discs (use Pioneer-recommended 8x discs or media that are designed for this recording speed
  • Up to 4x write speed on DVD+R DL (double-layer) discs (use Pioneer-recommended 2.4x discs)
  • Pioneer’s original “honeycomb structure” and other improvements to the internal structure have drastically reduced operation noise during high speed rotation
  • Plugs into standard IEEE1394 and USB 2.0 ports
  • Supports DVD-RAM*4, DVD-R, +R and DVD+R DL disc playback
  • Stylish silver body with black vessel which can sit vertically or horizontally
Read about the new Pioneer DVR-S806 @ CoolTechZone

“At times it seems that drive speeds are moving along in small steps, inching along just enough so that you feel that your six month old drive is slow and ready for replacement. This is exactly what we have been experiencing in the optical drive market. Occasionally, we find that a simple firmware upgrade is all that is needed to hit the next jump in speed. A trip to the development labs of any of the major drive manufacturers would reveal some amazing drives operating at speeds much faster than we can purchase. This trickle of technology is due to economics and little else. Basically, we have to watch closely and make our purchases when the time seems right.”