Plain old clear conductive water got you down?  How ’bout antibiotic and anti-corrosion green slime that cools as well as water?  Check Pimprig’s look at the MCT 5 and 40 fluids from Danger Den. 

Just in case you are wondering how much $$$ “Danger Den has 32 ounce bottles of MCT-5 and MCT-40 for $20.99 and $21.99 respectively. The only competition in this market, Fluid XP sells for $30-$50 for 32 ounces. “

“As might be expected, both of the MCT products have a chemical smell. It is nowhere near as off putting as Water Wetter, and is actually no stronger a scent than anti-freeze. There is an almost slippery texture to the fluid which is likely related to the friction reducing agents and anti-foaming agents. Both coolants are slightly more viscous than water.When poured the fluid is a reddish brown color with a layer of bright green at the surface.”

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