With both holidays and this years CES show under my belt, its time to move on and start back to the regular old, day to day kind of work at PC Perspective. That means reviews and articles all kinds of fun things for you guys to read and participate in.

Speaking of participation, I almost on the verge of opening up a vote for PCP’s Reader Awards of 2004. What do you all think of the idea of having forum readers vote on subjects like the best chipest and video card of 2004? It would be interesting, for both PCP’s staff and the corporations, to see what the readers think of the past 365 days of technology.

The CES show this year brought some interesting information, and also some disappointing informaiton as well. If you’ve not read my CES coverage, I recommend you do so as it points out some more of the same problems we have been having with graphic card availability appear to be continuing for the near future. NVIDIA and ATI are both dragging along at this point and a lot of gamers are getting to the breaking point.

Since CES is in Las Vegas, I am sure you all think it’s nothing but fun for the media out there, but have I got I news for you! The hotels charge “rape you” prices on their rooms, they don’t have internet access for the most part, the casinos are crowded and raise the minimum bets up for the CES attendees and the restaurants are all over booked so you have to wait even when you have a reservation. But hey, at least its still warm out there right? Not this year: it snowed on the second day of the show!! When did it start snowing in the desert?!?

My resolution for the new year is to make PCP a full time job for me that I can depend on. That means having stability in the job that will allow me to do normal things like settle down, get a house, get a family (waaay in the future) and plan for retirement. Unlike most jobs, I don’t have an employer to pay me every month or help me with insurance or retirement, so these things all depend on me and the ability for the site to continue. And though we are past the extremely violent days of the Internet’s bubble and bursting, I am still a bit nervous about taking the plunge. With that in mind, if you see some new changes to the site, just come at it with an open mind and let me know if you have any concerns. After all, its the readers that we depend on.