Enermax has jumped into the micro-ATX game with the Venus series.  It’s a smart looking black case, about a foot high, with far more cooling than you might expect from a small sized case.  Read Xtreme Resources review here!
“With the enthusiast community continually striving for more powerful, faster hardware, and the industry providing, the idea of smaller seems to get lost in the shuffle. Indeed, there is still a market out there for enthusiasts who desire their overall package to be more compact than the norm. With many options out there in the microATX realm, today we are looking at the Enermax Venus series; model CS-10068-B. It may seem unreal to most to want or desire such a platform to build from, but this case does support the latest CPU platforms.

Overall I really like the design of this case. The finish is beautiful and its functionality is well thought out. Installation was a snap and the included manual was concise and clear. The interior spaciousness for a case in this league is phenomenal. Even with a P4 or AMD64 with their bigger box coolers there would be ample room. The cabling included for wiring up the board, USB ports, sound, 1394 etc was very neat and well labeled.”

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