ABIT Unleashes Fatal1ty AN8 Motherboard
The Ultimate AMD Platform from the Ult1mate Gamer

Abit Announces the Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Motherboard - Motherboards 6 January 31, 2005 – Since the release of the Intel-based Fatal1ty AA8XE motherboard, ABIT’s Fatal1ty Hardware Series has been taking the PC hardware scene by storm. Anandtech named the Fatal1ty AA8XE “the Fastest Intel Gaming Platform”, and HardOCP said that the board was “bullet proof”. Today, ABIT is proud to introduce the first AMD-based motherboard in the Fatal1ty Hardware Series – the Fatal1ty AN8.

By harnessing the power of the NVIDIA nForce 4 Ultra chipset with AMD Athlon 64/64FX support and combining it with exclusive ABIT Engineered features, the Fatal1ty AN8 delivers extreme stability and performance for the discerning AMD gamer.

ABIT Engineered for Extreme Gaming Performance

Engineered by ABIT. Game-tested and approved by Fatal1ty. The Fatal1ty Hardware Series represents the culmination of ABIT Engineering with the gaming prowess and experience of the world’s most recognized professional gamer, Johnathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel. The result of this collaboration is a gaming platform with no equal, specifically engineered for the gamer that demands nothing less than the very best.

At the core of the Fatal1ty AN8 is the NVIDIA® nForce4 Ultra chipset, which supports the latest and greatest 939-pin AMD Athlon 64/64FX CPUs. NVIDIA’s nForce4 Ultra offers gamers a bevy of advanced features that will help turn up their game. By integrating Ethernet capabilities onto the chipset, NVIDIA Gigabit Ethernet provides the highest network throughput with the lowest CPU utilization. Integrated NVIDIA SATA RAID delivers RAID 0, 1, 0+1, and JBOD for excellent storage flexibility, and a 3GBb/s transfer rate doubles bus bandwidth and provides blazingly high disk performance. NVIDIA Firewall protects your PC from intruders by filtering unauthorized traffic with instant-on capabilities. With the NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra chipset as a base, the Fatal1ty AN8 gives gamers both performance and peace of mind.

Abit Announces the Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Motherboard - Motherboards 7 The Fatal1ty AN8 also comes with ABIT’s exclusive µGuru™ technology, which integrates OC Guru™ overclocking, ABIT EQ™ hardware monitoring, FlashMenu™ 1-click BIOS updating, and BlackBox™ diagnostic technology into a user friendly Windows-based interface. With OC Guru, users can tune front side bus speeds and CPU voltages on-the-fly through Windows. ABIT EQ lets users monitor fan speeds, system voltages and temperatures at-a-glance, and FlashMenu™ 1-click BIOS update makes it easy to keep the system running in absolute peak condition. If a problem arises, BlackBox™ automatically detects your hardware configuration, and allows it to be sent to ABIT tech support for fast, friendly e-service. With µGuru, gamers have the most comprehensive suite of system utilities ever to power a desktop motherboard. Audio performance is also top-notch with 7.1 channel high-definition audio backed by ABIT’s AudioMAX technology. By using a separate daughter card for audio connectors, ABIT Engineers have greatly reduced the amount of noise caused by high frequencies generated from the motherboard.

Abit Announces the Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Motherboard - Motherboards 8 Signature to the Fatal1ty Hardware Series is ABIT’s Dual OTES™ cooling technology. Originally found on the Intel-based Fatal1ty AA8XE, Dual OTES delivers twin fans and a heat duct that efficiently channels heat from the inside to the outside of the case. With OTES RAMFlow™, DDR memory is kept cool via two high-speed fans for unsurpassed system stability. The Fatal1ty AN8 also features an all-copper chipset cooler, which draws heat three times more efficiently than conventional aluminum coolers. For the optimal balance of thermal and acoustic performance, all fans are automatically controlled via µGuru. With these exclusive ABIT technologies, the Fatal1ty AN8 delivers impressive thermal performance for the serious gamer right out of the box.

Abit Announces the Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Motherboard - Motherboards 9 Case modders will love the Fatal1ty AN8. The Fatal1ty AN8 features distinctive styling with a striking red and black color theme, which will turn heads in a modded case. And when the lights are dim, the Fatal1ty AN8 stands out from the crowd with red LED backlights that outline the motherboard in a crimson glow.

With ABIT Engineering and the gaming insight of Fatal1ty, the Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard delivers the speed and stability that gamers like Fatal1ty demand on the professional gaming circuit.

Built with Bulletproof Technology

Abit Announces the Fatal1ty AN8 nForce4 Motherboard - Motherboards 10 Like all ABIT products, the Fatal1ty AN8 is built with Bulletproof Technology – a new standard in terms of Quality, Reliability, Stability, and Engineering. Bulletproof Technology begins with selecting the highest quality components available. ABIT uses only Japanese-made capacitors on ABIT branded motherboards and graphics cards – capacitors that cost several times more than regular capacitors. While others try to cut components, ABIT puts quality first. Bulletproof Technology also means stability, and the Fatal1ty AN8 has passed the Torture Test, a series of looping demos and benchmarks designed to tax the hardware far beyond normal use. Add to all of this exclusive ABIT Engineered features, and the Fatal1ty AN8 raises the bar by which motherboards are judged.

For more information on the Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard, go here: http://www.abit-usa.com/products/mb/products.php?categories=1&model=262