As the end of the month approaches and the Texas Gaming Festival approaches, ATI has begun sharing a few tidbits of information regarding some new hardware they’re going to showcase at the event. Rumors are floating around that people will see a 512MB card, although no solid confirmation has been given. Regardless, DriverHeaven has some pics of the showcase system that are interesting to say the least.
Well, there has been quite a bit of rumour and speculation about some new high end ATI hardware coming out shortly and I cant deny or confirm it, however as our regulars know, Terry and guys at ATI are always helping our members on DH with their ati related problems, sites like inquirer have been posting information that there will be a 512 meg card out shortly. I can tell you this, there will be some new COOL hardware soon, and if you all get over to the dallas lan event – you will all be in for a nice surprise. Last time ATI commissioned Kyle from All American Computers to buld a custom system, it was a system that made everyone drool and we covered it last time on Driverheaven.