Systemcooling reviews the Koolance PC3-725BK.  This isn’t your everyday water cooling kit, this is a case designed with watercooling as it’s raison d’etre.  Tubing, coolant and splitters are included, as well as several smaller accesories, but no waterblocks, you can choose your own favorites.  The cooling system integrated into the case is rated to dissipate 700W of heat, so there is some serious cooling.  If the step to phase change cooling isn’t in your plans for the weekend, maybe a nice multi-function display for your PC will keep you cheerful.
“If you’re into PC water-cooling, or PC cooling of any kind for that matter, Koolance is a name with which you’re no doubt familiar. After five years of R&D, Koolance introduced its consumer line of liquid cooling products in 2000, long before most people even understood the concept, and has stood at the vanguard of the water-cooling scene ever since. Today, it is our pleasure to give the world its first look at the new flagship of Koolance’s water-cooled systems line, the PC3-725BK. In essence, what they’ve done is take their most powerful and quiet water-cooling system, the 700W Professional series, and mate it with one of the world’s finest computer chassis, the Lian Li PC-V1000. As you will see, it makes for quite a combination.”

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