ExtremeTech has rounded up the best mobile graphics modules available today and set them head to head through a series of benchmarks. From the “original” GeForce Go 6800 based on DDR1 memory to ATI’s flagship Mobility Radeon X800 and even the new GeForce Go 6800 using DDR3, there are sure to be some impressive benchmark numbers.
In the end, the winner of this contest depends on the matchup. If you’re looking at what’s available at press time, then ATI carries the day versus nVidia’s DDR1-based GeForce Go 6800. However, within less than a month, nVidia’s DDR3-based solution hits the market, and the balance of power shifts back to nVidia, although its lead is a modest one. If your goal is the best mobile 3D performance available, then nVidia’s DDR3-based solution will give you the best frame rates. These GPUs are almost desktop hybrid processors, since they have very high clock rates for mobile parts, and are clearly engineered to bring performance to the table, while power draw is a minimal concern.