Quiet week for phase change.  A1 Electronics has 2 radiators by SilverProp, a companyyou may not have heard of, but that does good work.  Also the new improved drinkable Fluid XP+!  I’m not saying you should drink it, only that it likely won’t make you sick.  Maybe overclocking and kids shouldn’t mix, but you can get non-toxic, non-conductive fluid, if you feel the need.
Our good friends Bacata kindly sent us two SilverProp radiators for computer water heatsink systems, the SilverStorm 3 & SilverStorm 4. Both of these radiators are for 1/2″ and high-power water heatsink systems. Neither SilverProp SilverStorm water radiator came with fans so we have used two different types of fans of 120cm size which you should be able to buy easily.

The SilverProp SilverStorm 3 water heatsink system radiator is a compact large capacity design radiator with an overall size of 190 x 160 x 60mm deep and is fitted with a plastic fan cover which is 25mm high and is a bright metallic blue colour.

This SilverProp SilverStorm 4 water heatsink radiator on the other hand is designed for two fans side by side and is not so thick. Its overall size of 270 x 170 x 40mm deep and is again fitted with a plastic radiator fan cover which is 25mm high and is a bright metallic blue colour.”

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