Is it easier to install a 2 pound chunk of aircooled copper, without crushing your core, or setting up watercooling without frying your mobo, or yourself?  Well, your answer may change after you read this review from The Guru of 3D.  If you are already a watercooling maniac, read further down, see if you need to pump yourself up.
“The fun thing about it is that within the hour you have everything up and running without drilling, modding, cutting and stabbing yourself. No my fellow guru’s this is a kit that you can place and regulate mainly in your drive bay. Sound interesting and confusing ? Well, it’s not at all confusing though. This kit basically is made out of a drive bay sized controller with built in pump and radiator. Along with that comes an 80mm sized radiator fan, tubing and of course two cooling blocks to cool down your graphics card’s core and CPU core. ”

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