The CNPS7700-Cu certainly lives up to Zalman’s reputation for delivering high performance cooling solutions with minimal noise.  The CNPS7700-Cu delivers the best cooling performance to noise ratio yet for any of their coolers.  The build quality is excellent and installation proved to be very straightforward and easy (on the AMD K8 platform tested).


The included Fan Mate 2 speed controller worked very well and will let the end user adjust the fan speed to produce just the right balance of performance and noise.  With the fan speed turned down low the CNPS7700-Cu is virtually silent.


The Zalman CNPS7700-Cu’s main advantage (size) is also one of its weaknesses.  Because of the large diameter (136mm+, almost 5-1/2′) it may not fit on some motherboards due to interference with nearby hardware.  Check the Zalman website for compatibility before you buy.


Our thanks to Zalman USA for sending us the CNPS7700-Cu to review!

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