It’s a Monday night and I’ve been sitting in my office pretty much non stop since 10:30am.  Anyone who said the life of an online reviewer was all glam and glory, is sadly mistaken.  But at least I have all the comforts of home here, so I can’t complain too much. 

I’ve been trying to mix up the article content that I am writing, getting away from just motherboard reviews and trying to branch out into newer, more exciting and different PC items.  The DFI 855 Pentium M article was the first in that department and it will continue as I take a look at two more Pentium M products as well as a quick overview of the upcoming Venice-core Athlon 64 processor.  NVIDIA is really close with their new product as well, the aptly named “nForce4 SLI Intel Edition” chipset — man I’m going to hate typing all that out from now on. 

Some circumstances have occurred that will force me to be away from home for the entire second half of the week, and that is really putting me into high gear trying to get all the testing and writing done that is required of me this week.  Cutting a 7-day work week into a 2.5 day week makes life a bit stressful, but it should all come together in the end.

The house is moving along quite well, with the foundation walls being poured last Friday.  I have a shot of them here, with waterproofing installed:

A Week Cut Short - Editorial 2

These are coming along nicely, and a framer should be at the house sometime this week to start pounding the nails. 

I’ll have more updates on my work progress as I continue through it, so keep checking in on me!  😉