I don’t think we hear often enough from the likes of Penstarsys, but I found this little bit of an editorial on their site that discusses their thoughts on what direction AMD is going to take on memory specs on their future processors.

So, I would expect an official PC4000 spec for DDR before we see AMD support DDR-2.  If you remember back in the day when Intel was all over RAMBUS and AMD was the driving force for DDR.  Many scoffed at AMD, but in the end they were proven right.  DDR was the right technology at the right time, and now it is the dominant memory type for all PC markets.  It appears as though AMD wants to skip DDR-2 altogether.  While the idea of DDR-2 was good, its implementation left much to be desired.  I think that AMD saw that early on, and while Intel has really pushed DDR-2, I think it is going to be a dead end.  DDR-3 is probably going to be the next big thing, and many expect to see the first implementations by the end of 2005.