If you think you might want to change that old 478-pin motherboard over to a 479-pin Pentium M platform, then you may want to look at the Asus CT-479 that will do just that.  This article does little more than give you a vague look at the product, but more a more complete look is coming soon here at PCP.
The CT-479 seen above actually has a quite a bit more to it than one might expect.  Since the adapter will not allow a standard socket 478 heat sink to be used ASUS provides one with the kit. The blue jumpers are to adjust the FSB (front-side-bus) for CPU support. Depending on which Pentium M is purchased, users can select bus frequency of 533MHz or 400MHz via the jumpers. Also of special note is the power header for the heat sink fan that draws off the socket.  Can’t say that I have seen that before, but with Intel 755 CPU’s only needing 1.34V and the i865/i875 boards offering much higher voltages they should have no problem with the power draw.