Andrew Ku of Hot Hardware has published a review of the Asus Z80K notebook based on the Athlon 64 processor.  Coming in at over 8 pounds, they think it may not be a great system for every day travel.

So what’s the bottom line?  Why buy this notebook over Dell’s or HP’s desktop replacements? Well, given that our sample was priced at $1,744.99, Asus is offering a quality notebook at a very competitive price point. However, it’s hard to say if you will get the same type of technical support or customer service in the long term. Asus only covers “non-user inflicted” malfunctions or defects in their warranty and extra coverage is not offered at the moment. This means that if you’re a bit rough with your equipment, or are prone to accidents, you might want to consider a notebook from a company that offers more warranty and service options.