So, just how important is the choice of fan nowadays?  There used to be quite a bit of difference between the performance of fans, but now it seems that the size of the fan is your most important consideration.  Mikhailtech compares 6 80 and 92mm fans, 2 Panaflo’s and 4 Delta’s.  Go see who comes out on top.
“Make no mistake about it, this is the ultimate 92mm fan you can get. Rated at an astounding 126.48CFM, it also sounds like it. Very few people will be able to tolerate having one of these in the same room, let alone in their main rig. The TFB9012GHE has “isolated server environment” written all over it. The TFB series also uses an improved hub from the previous FFB generation. The front side has a fixed frame to optimize airflow. It comes pre-wired with a 4-pin molex connector and a separate 3-pin tachometer plug. Because it requires 16.2watts of power and takes about 5 seconds to get to full speed, if you plan on using a rheostat to control it make sure you let it start up at full speed and then decrease the RPMs, otherwise it might not spin up in the first place. As for the noise level – it’s painful. It’s loud, high pitched, and the air pressure generated when seated on a heatsink doesn’t help. My ears were literally hurting after the testing was complete. ”

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