Well, from the news that I have been posting over the past couple of days, it really looks like I should have gone out to CeBit in Germany this year after all. What have we seen out there that is interesting thus far? Let’s see if I can remember it all:

1. 512 MB 6800 Ultra
2. Dual 6800 Ultra on a single card
3. Dual 6600GT on a single card from Asus
4. ATI’s dual GPU chipset motherboards on display
5. An ECS board that allows you to have AMD or Intel processors
6. Dual core Athlon 64 live, working, with benchmarks
7. nForce4 SLI Intel Edition boards on display

There are probably some that I am forgetting, but even that list is enough to make me as a journalist say “damn” and wish I had been there to grab even half those stories. Oh well.

I recently reviewed the new Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard based on the nForce4 Ultra (AMD Edition) chipset, but didn’t find it to really be the be-all motherboard that I had hoped it would be.

I am working on a couple of good articles for next week including a peek at the new Ageia PhysX processing unit, a look at the Pentium M as a desktop platform, plus an update to the Hardware Leaderboard.

Plus, keep an eye out on the entire PC Perspective site design, as I think at one point this week you’ll magically see it all change for the better! CeBit News and More - Editorial 2