It has been a stressful couple of weeks for me here; both on the site and off the site.  As I mentioned before, I am building a house in Florence, KY, to which I will hopefully move sometime this summer. *crosses fingers*  I decided I’d throw some pictures up in my blog of the house in its building phase, as they broke ground on the 17th. 

Coming up at PC Perspective - Editorial 3

Pre-digging, sometime the week before the 17th

Coming up at PC Perspective - Editorial 4

Day 2 of Construction — footer is poured

Yeah, so not much yet.  🙂  I live about an hour and a half from where the house is being built, so I won’t get to see it as often as I’d like during the construction phase, but I’m going to try to visit it every weekend, both so I can see the progress and so I can keep a good photo journal of the entire thing.  Yeah, I’m a big nerd at heart…

As for work, I have several very exciting things coming up that will keep me busy enough to take my mind off the construction of the house.  Dual core from Intel is right around the corner, and I do mean VERY soon.  And maybe closer than others might think from AMD as well…? 

NF4 SLI Intel Edition is on its way to me today so you should see a review on that within a couple weeks too.  And I have been working on a DFI 855GME Pentium M article that is going up tomorrow morning, followed closely by a look at the AOpen XC Cube Pentium M SFF box.  Pentium M on the desktop seems to be all the rage recently, and for good reason as you’ll see tomorrow.  I’ve got a long list of projects to work on, so I’d better get to it!  Have a great mid-week!