Included Software and Extras

Epox included a fair amount of cables and add-ons for the 9NPA+ motherboard so you won’t have to scour the web looking for USB headers that are compatible with your board.

Epox 9NPA+ Ultra nForce4 Ultra Motherboard Review - Motherboards 58

This shot shows the rounded IDE and floppy cables that are included, the Serial ATA power and data cables, as well as the USB and Firewire headers that allow you to connect additional ports of each to the back of your case.  One standard IDE cable is included as well.

Epox 9NPA+ Ultra nForce4 Ultra Motherboard Review - Motherboards 59

The Epox “Power Pack” as its referred to on the packaging includes the driver CD, manuals, MOSFET heatsinks that need to be installed and a detachable, multi-head screwdriver.  While that kind of extra is appreciated, its not likely to sway a PC buyers decision either direction.

The software included mainly consisted of the NVIDIA chipset drivers as well as the Active Armor firewall application and the nTune overclocking software.  Again, not a whole lot here but most enthusiasts won’t be basing their decision on the software included with a motherboard.

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