I am sitting in my hotel room in downtown San Francisco ready for the upcoming spring 2005 IDF show at the Moscone Center. Intel is planning on showing off their plans for multi-core processors (notice they are NOT calling it dual-core any more…) as well as their partnership with NVIDIA in the form of the nForce4 for Intel chipset that is going to be announced very soon. I’ll post more on the show as I get it, keep a close watch on the front page for any breaking news I post from the floor!

In other news, things are going well on the house situation. I have all but done the final sign off on a new home build, as my initial appointment to inspect the blueprints was tomorrow, and obviously I am out of town. One more three hour meeting is all it shoud take with the builder to get ground broken on the house!

While wandering around the shops of downtown SFO, I spent some time in the Sony store, in particular the Playstation store. Having been trying to find one of the new, slim PS2s for some time in Lexington and coming up blank, I was astounded to see upwards of 50 of them sitting on the counter at the mall. It is very tempting to buy it here and bring it home with me… I also stopped by the Apple store; always a fun trip. I sat in on a Photoshop lesson upstairs for free, that was pretty interesting and useful. I wandered around to look at the toys, and happened to ask about the Mac Mini — turns out they had them in stock! Online there is a 2-3 week wait… Yet another potential purchase, grr.

Finally, I saw Apple had the Bose Noise Cancelling headphones for sale. I have seen ads for these for some time, and usually on any given flight I am on, there are at least a handful of people with these headphones on. So, I sucked it up and gave it a try — after all I have 30 days to take them back if I’m not happy. I’ll let you know what I think about them.

Overall, if I let it, it looks like this business trip to SFO might turn out to be a freaking shopping spree that I don’t need, based on the whole house thing mentioned above. Heh.

Hopefully someone from the area will call me back in a little bit to get me out of the hotel room and I can stop watching CNN all the time…