HardOCP has come back to the table with an updated look at the status of SLI gaming.  Since we last heard from them on this topic, a new driver has been released that promised additional SLI support for everyone!  Did it happen?
We are still very concerned with the frequency of driver releases and bug fixes, however. As you can see in our gameplay testing, this driver has quite a few problems. Right now, there is a temperature issue bug, and a bug with Coolbits not allowing overclocking in SLI. Then there are gameplay bugs that affect performance and gameplay, such as not being able to run in SLI in The Chronicles of Riddick and having stuttering in EverQuest II, which is hampering the performance benefit of SLI in that game. It worries us that it has been four months since the last official driver release. It makes us wonder if it will be another four months before those issues are fixed.