While I don’t have pictures to share with you yet, I will get them soon, but Intel has shared with the press their plans for the upcoming Q2 2005 introductin of dual core processors.  Here are the details I have now:

  • Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition
  • 3.2 GHz clock speed
  • Dual Core
  • Two threads per core
  • 800 MHz FSB
  • 2 MB L2 cache (1 MB for each core)
  • EM64T
  • Execute Disable Bit
  • LGA775 Package
  • Die size: 206mm^2
  • 230 million transistors

For the accompanying chipset we have:

  • 955X Platform Chipset
  • Dual x16 GFX with bridge (will get more info on this soon!)
  • Up to 8GB of memory

Pentium D is another dual core option coming in Q2 — there wasn’t specific data on it, but I would guess it would NOT have the two threads per core to differentiate between it and the Extreme Edition version.

Check this post later for pics and more data!  Feel free to discuss it with others in the forums!

Update: At the demo Intel showed the 3.2 GHz quad-thread (dual core) system run a test on CineBench 2003 with four threads in the render test.  The test completed in 37.8 seconds.  Looking at my recent DFI nF4 SLI-DR motherboard review the best AMD score for that same test (using only a single thread of course) was 77 seconds and the best Intel score was 69.6 seoncds.  That is an 84% improvement over the Intel 560 processor and a 103% over the AMD 4000+ results.  If we can get performance like this out of other, multi threaded applications as well as in multitasking, AND with SLI coming on the new nForce Intel chipset, then we may see Intel on the PC Per Hardware Leaderboard for the first time…