The Inquirer has some interesting GPU-based news this afternoon.  First, they found the NVIDIA is looking into using dual-core technology on the GPU.  This makes a lot of sense, as it would remove the extra cost of another card for multi-GPU configurations.  Of course, the idea of having two 6800U GPUs on a single card sounded absurd not too long ago, but we did see some dual-GPU cards at CeBit this year, so it’s probably not far off.

They are found that the upcoming R520 core from ATI will likely have upwards of 350 million transistors on it and that it may have as many as 24 pipelines on it.  I wonder how much trouble ATI is going to have cooling a die like that, and if they are going to use the .11 micron processo they currently have on the new X800 series?

For some time, Nvidia has toyed with the idea of putting two dies on one chip. I am not sure how soon it will happen and whether or not Nvidia’s future G70 or G80 actually has to do something with it but it will sure happen over the next few quarters.