In case you didn’t already know, today is the launch date of the new PSP, portable Playstation unit.  Mine should be delivered sometime this afternoon, but if you want one I suggest you head out to the stores ASAP to have a chance at one.  The guys at Engadget covered the PSP launch party in New York, where some people like Carson Daly showed up.  At the launch in Toronto, Wayne Gretzky was there, and ByteSector was on hand to cover the event

The guys at Bjord3D haven’t been left out either, as they review the unit they imported from Japan 3 months ago, so they should have more experience than most on it.  And of course, the Gamespot group has lots of info on the PSP including a bit on how to get your PC movies to play on your new PSP.  If you aren’t interested in that, there is an entire PSP section on there as well. 

Have fun!

Besides the celebrity-studded Sony Style party in New York City, which was (for better or worse) hosted by Carson Daly, Sony’s premiere event for its new platform’s launch was in San Francisco. Held at the Sony Metreon, the titular company’s premiere entertainment complex in the US, the event saw throngs of gamers turn up in order to be one of the first people on the West Coast to get their hands on the device.