Ultra PC3200 XL Memory Review - Memory 2

Overclocker Cafe have just posted a review of Ultra Products PC3200XL 1gig Memory Kit. You can check out the results of their tests here.

“Ultra Products have been mainly known for their X-Connect modular power supplies.  Over the past few months they have expanded their product line to include high performance memory.  Today, the crew at the Overclocker Cafe’ has posted a review of Ultra’s low latency PC3200 memory that scales up to DDR550!

Ultra may be the new kid on the block in the memory world but you wouldn’t guess that if you weren’t told.  They have put out a capital product with their low latency PC3200 memory sticks.  The tight 2-2-2-5 at DDR400 was expected but reaching DDR550 by loosening the timings was not.  There are a number of PC4000 or PC4200 memory products out that can’t handle PC4400 (DDR550) but Ultra is most certainly not one of them.”