If you remember, we brought you the very first pictures of this board from our VIA meeting in January.  But now, the launch is official:

The VIA EPIA DP-310 Mini-ITX mainboard is powered by two power-efficient 1GHz VIA Eden-N(TM) processors featuring advanced in-built hardware security, while the acclaimed VIA CN400 digital media chipset, Gigabit Ethernet and an extensive array of high bandwidth I/O, high-speed storage and connectivity options afford an unprecedented level of integration for server and embedded applications.

The additional computing horsepower and advanced communications of the VIA EPIA DP-310 in a small, low power package fulfills the specific requirements of high density server systems, compact appliance servers, communications intensive applications and many other high performance embedded systems, while enabling new server applications such as small-scale rack clusters, multi-user configurations and workgroup computing.