HardOCP has reviewed the VisionTek branded X850 XT GPU today and though they seem to like the card, availability is STILL an issue.
The MSRP on the VisionTek XTASY X850 XT is $499. Searching various online stores we did find the VisionTek XTASY X850 XT at one retailer on sale for $488 but it was out of stock. At other online retailers we did find it in stock and found the price to be anywhere from $499 all the way to $614 at one retailer. Making our way to Fry’s last week in Plano, Texas, we found a very good stock, but at a $50 premium compared to MSRP. Suffice it to say, that this card can actually be found in retail, both online and in brick and mortar retailers. Availability of ATI’s new X850 series has been more than disappointing to say the least. The cards were announced on December 1st, 2004 and here it is 3 months later and we are just finally reviewing our first retail product based on it.