Well, if you are here already you no doubt have seen the changes we made tonight to the entire PC Perspective website.  The forums have had a preview of this new design for some time, but it has taken us quite a long time to work out all the bugs and kinks with the site formatting to get it where we were ready to present it to you all.  Before I get into the new features and what has changed in the new PC Perspective v2.0, I’d like to take this chance to publicly and completely thank Joe White (The Wise One in our forums) for all the design work on this new site design.  He worked it all from ground up and we all owe him a lot to the new, more functional face of PC Perspective.  Drop into the forums and send him a thanks!

So, what has changed in PCP v2.0?  Well, obviously, the face has!  The new, more professional design is easier on the eye and more functional as well.  We fixed some bugs with the original design that caused some users at lower screen resolutions to have items and text and banners overlapping as well as matching as closely as possible the look of the site in both IE and Mozilla. 

New features on the include:

  1. Updated weblog – You are here reading it, so you already know!  Moving away from the older one I had in the forums allowed me to update more quickly and allow readers to see all my posts on a single page.
  2. Improved Hardware Leaderboard – The leaderboard still gives you our suggestions for three systems on three budget levels at a glance, but now it also gives you pricing information, previous selections and the price change over our last update.  This will allow you to judge how this month’s picks compare to our previous picks both financially and performance-wise.
  3. Improved Product Specs – The product specifications page has always been here for you to compare motherboard to each other, but now we have improved it to make it easier to use.  You can still look at the specs for a single board but now you can quickly compare two boards and move up to as many as six in a simple, easy to digest format.  The check boxes to choose which boards you want to keep selected are now easier to find and the ‘Compare’ buttons are now located on every heading so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom of the list to perform the action.  I think you will find it much more user friendly this time around.
  4. Added a site map – Trying to find something very specific?  We now have a great site map that quickly shows you all the various section of both the PC Perspective website and the PC Perspective forums for easy access. 
  5. Amdmb.com Content on PCP – That’s right, every article that was on Amdmb.com is now on PC Perspective.  This means that no matter what happens, all the great content that was available on Amdmb.com is still going to be around.  Want to read the original Asus K7V review?  How about my extremely popular PC3000 Memory Comparison?  Now you can, just don’t come to me with questions on my writing skills of the time!  🙂
  6. Improved Home Page – We can now make a MUCH better use of the real estate on the front page, providing an immediate look at both our latests articles and updated news.  The five latest forum discussions are also listed in case something catches your eye.

We have a couple more things planned for this new design including a searchable news and article database, improved comments sytem and more.  We are all very excited about this change and I hope you are as well.  Please send me some comments or suggestions you might have, and thanks for reading!