Today I’ve got a mixed bag to share with you.  First up is air cooled heatsinks, like the Thermaltke K450 that Bjorn3D reviewed.  It’s not the fanciest on the market, but it can certainy cool an FX-51 or 55.  After considering the other CPU heatsinks, move onto the GPU coolers for that extra kick on your games.  Increase the life of those Raptors with the HDD enclosures, and wrap it all up with multifunction control panels that do more than just tell you the temperature and let you change the speed of your fans. 
“The first time I heard about the Thermaltake K450 heatsink was when I started my search for a CPU cooler for my Athlon 64 FX 55 in my SLI system. The problem I had was that the heatsink that was sent to me for my FX 55 was not meant for that CPU. I found this out by seeing my FX 55 temperatures soar to 70C when running Folding@Home. I knew this was way too high and headed to AMD’s sight to find approved heatsinks. At that time, the only approved heatsink was the K450.”

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