Computational – SuperPi, DVD to DiVX


AOpen, ECS, Foxconn SiS760GX Motherboard Reviews - Motherboards 65

Performing this number crunching test, the three SiS 760 boards all perform well. The ECS 760GX-M seems lag behind the group very slightly compared to the Foxconn and the AOpen boards in this test as well as other tests in this review.

DVD to DiVX Encoding

AOpen, ECS, Foxconn SiS760GX Motherboard Reviews - Motherboards 66

In converting DVD clips into DiVX, the Foxconn 760GXK8MB and the AOpen s760GXm-S both performed equally at 9.5 minutes. The ECS 760GX-M on the other hand fell behind even though it was identically configured.

All of these SiS 760 motherboards perform slower than the previous iteration of the same chipset, the SiS 755. The ECS 755-A2 beats all SiS 760 boards by at least a full minutes and a half.

If you’re looking at the results from a cost/performance perspective, you can see the much cheaper SiS760 boards being very competitive in performance to the much more expensive Intel 915P using a Pentium 4 560E CPU (use our Pricegrabber service to see the amazing difference in price!) –  very good value in the SiS chipsets.

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