ECS 760GX-M Features & Bundle


Like the 755-A2 motherboard we reviewed a few months back, the 760GX-M uses AGP with the AMD Socket 754 for Sempron and Athlon 64 CPUs, the only major difference between the two boards being the micro ATX form factor and the SiS onboard graphics on the 760. Using less PCB helps reduce material costs while allowing customers the freedom to use smaller, space saving enclosures.

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The onboard video we will examine in more detail later in this article, but let me say it’s only good for general 2D/desktop applications. The integrated video only supports DirectX 8.1, which doesn’t make it compatible with many 3D games now on the market.

For drive connectivity, there are two SATA headers and two Parallel ATA headers. This configuration is ideal for those of you who are still using ‘legacy’ ATA133 hard drives. For businesses and home users who are looking to re-use older parts, this is a welcome feature since many other motherboard vendors only include a single ATA133 connection these days.

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The ECS 760GX-M supports SATA RAID in 0 and RAID 1 flavors. Unfortunately RAID is not available for the ATA133 connections.

Onboard LAN is an optional feature and is only 10/100 MB/s. Though the bandwidth may disappoint some of you, but it all helps keep costs down while providing enough functionality for most consumers.

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The onboard audio is the old AC’97 on a Realtek ALC658 chip. The 760GX-M uses jack-sensing with the three audio connections on the backpanel. This way you can mix-and-match your input and output by swapping cables.

There are two onboard USB 2.0 pin headers allowing for 4 more USB connections, and four USB 2.0 connections on the rear I/O. Extra USB ports (via a bracket) are not provided with the ECS 760GX-M, so you will have to provide your own if the four on the back are not sufficient.

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Looking at the rear I/O, you can see it’s pretty conventional: PS/2 mouse and keyboard, serial and parallel ports, USB, LAN, audio in-out-mic, and the VGA for the onboard SiS graphics.

Package Bundle

The hardware bundle for the ECS 760GX-M is very basic as expected. There are floppy, SATA, and PATA cables. There is also a SATA power adapter, but that is all. There aren’t any extra USB brackets, or extra drive cables.

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The software bundle is equally minimal with a driver disc with some extra utilities like Adobe Acrobat. There is the infamous WASAY suite of software on the CD too, so be cautious.

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