Aspire’s new X-Plorer has some interesting features, like a nice top blowhole with a good fan cover.  But you would much rather hear about it from the reviewers at Pimprig, right?  More case reviews follow, as usual, but at the bottom are 2 articles and a gallery.  The casemod competition might read a little easier through babelfish, but the pictures are worth 1000 words, whatever your mother tongue!
“A big bonus for the design of the case is the inclusion of a removable motherboard tray. I feel that this should be the industry standard as it makes installation a snap without having to worry about dropping one of those tiny screws on top of something important. Unfortunately (and this is where my peeve on basic instructions comes back into play), the removable motherboard tray lacks identifying which hole is to be used with each motherboard form factor.”

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