If you are a hardcore overclocker who likes having to wear earplugs when sitting at your computer, then this isn’t for you.  If, on the other hand, you are looking for peace and tranquility, consider a fanless CPU Heatsink.  XYZ examines the Thermaltake Fanless103.   It isn’t the coolest or the lightest, but you can’t beat fanless if you want a silent running PC.
“If you are looking to quiet down your system there are a lot of options available. Though it is not easy to move over to a fanless CPU cooler, as a processor produces most of the system’s heat, this is the most effective way to lessen PC noise. In most systems the CPU cooling solution produces more noise than the other components so if this could be fanless then you are well on your way to a silent system.This review will be looking at Thermaltake’s popular Fanless103 CPU cooler. We recently reviewed Thermaltake’s Fanless Power Supply Unit and were pretty happy with that product so we have high expectations for this cooler. The prospect of a fanless CPU cooler and a quiet, or even silent, system is very exciting, but not if there is a large performance loss or unacceptable running temperatures.”

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