HardOCP has reviewed the Fatal1ty AN8 motherboard, based on the NVIDIA nForce4 Ultra (AMD Edition) chipset.  Have a gander at what they have to say, and if you need a comparison, you can look at my review as well.
However, the lack of integrated peripherals on the board itself was disappointing. ABIT went to the trouble of relocating the nForce4 Ultra chipset so that the traditional Southbridge area would be less cluttered, but did not really take advantage of the extra space. For a flagship motherboard, the lack of onboard items was disappointing. The BIOS also can be tricky to set up, especially when the CPU fan header is not utilized, such as in the case of a water cooling solution. You must make sure that all BIOS type CPU temperature and fan speed monitoring are disabled or carefully configured in this case. Otherwise, you will be in for a BIOS reset marathon should the CPU protection circuitry trip.