After a couple of late nights of work, and an early start this morning, I finally have published the review of the Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 processor.  It was a lot of work, and the most of it was involved with coming up with the new testing style to at least TRY and take advantage and properly test dual cores.  After all, I for one know that my normal computer usage patterns do not amount to running a single application at any given time, be that MP3 encoding, web browsing or anything else.  There are always numerous windows open.  For example, when writing the article, I had four IE windows, CuteFTP, Word, Excel, Paint Shop Pro, Photoshop, Outlook, Trillian, APC battery, Norton AV and probably a couple other small ones.  So you can see, multiple cores will make a lot more sense than the majority of our current benchmarks tell.

More good news on the house: windows are in, insulation is done and dry walling should start this week!

First Dual Core Article Online - Editorial 2

We got an estimate of 50 days to go!  Here’s hoping that stays on course…

I’ve got lots more to work on around here, so I’ll be back later with more updates.