There’s a contest over at 3D Extreme to win Spire’s KestralKing, and a review of it as well.   It’s a good heatsink if you aren’t planning to overclock, but want better performance than the packaged heatsink/fan.  Also included are 3 VGA cooler reviews, including a two-fer from GruntvillE.
“Spire has always made some decent coolers and the KestrelKing VI ranks among their better ones. While it doesn’t really rank up there among the top air coolers on the market like the XP90/120’s and Zalman’s it does certainly outperform the stock AMD cooler. The Spire KestrelKing VI cooler wasn’t terribly loud, overall we do recommend this cooler as a replacement for the stock AMD64 cooler or if you are shopping for an OEM CPU.”

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