All the rage on the Internet today is the supposed “release” of the Intel Extreme Edition 840 processor.  The reviews are few and far between, pointing to either a very rushed release or difficulty getting the amount of parts ready. 

HardOCP gives you the quick and important information on the new XE 840 processor, without a lot of techy-fluff.  They sum it up pretty nicely.

There are also articles from such sites as Hexus, Legit Reviews, Hot Hardware, Trusted Reviews and FiringSquad.

The Intel Pentium Processor Extreme Edition 840 and its dual core technology will be a boon for content creation professionals and video enthusiasts currently lacking a dual CPU system. The pricing we have seen will start with the 840 processors at over a thousand dollars, but the entire dual core line is set to scale easily into mainstream over the next 18 months. As this happens, more and more applications will be written to exploit the power of dual core processors and they will surely come into their own.