Multitasking: Scenario 2

Scenario 2

I would consider this to be a light multitasking environment with only the bare minimum applications running in the background.  In this test NAV was not doing a virus scan, but was enabled doing its standard monitoring.  iTunes was playing MP3s and we timed the Razor Lame app encoding the same MP3s.

  1. Norton AV starts on bootup, in monitoring mode only
  2. Open Trillian
  3. Open iTunes and play 12 song playlist
  4. Open Razor Lame and add files to be encoded
  5. Encode MP3s and time

The window order, from bottom most viewable to top most was: iTunes -> Razor Lame. 

Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Processor Review - Processors 66

The same base results are used from the previous scenarios here on scenario 2, as our test application remains the MP3 encoder.

Intel Pentium Extreme Edition 840 Processor Review - Processors 67

With fewer applications running in the background, its no suprise that the changes in encoding time are much less than in either of the previous scenarios.  By running a few applications, we see that the Intel XE 840 processor is still slower than the FX-55 in the Razor Lame application, but not by as much as in our base tests.  The Intel XE 840 only took 2 more seconds to complete the encoding with the additional programs running, while the AMD system took 7 additional seconds.

These results should tell you that for extremely light multitasking, that the processor that performs the best in your primary application (in this case MP3 encoding) will probably still perform better than the competing CPU (be it a dual-core CPU or otherwise). 

Let’s move on to our last scenario.

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