Introducing the New Master at PC Perspective - Editorial 2

I’m sorry, but isn’t that about the coolest toy you have ever seen?  And the name, “Darth Tater”?!?  Who comes up with this?  🙂 

I’ve been caught red handed, I am a huge Star Wars fan.  As if the Mr. Potato Head doll wasn’t enough proof, you’ll have to see pictures of my figure collection, books and more.  But I’ll save that embarrassment for another time.  While I was out tonight, not only did I get this toy, but I also picked up a copy of the new Star Wars Lego video game.  Not only is it a fun looking game, but apparently it uses SM3.0 and is quite the test software, so that’s how I justify all the new games to the girlfriend!  😉

In other news, the new NVIDIA nForce4 SLI Intel Edition review went off pretty well and I think we covered some aspects of the chipset that others haven’t such as the new memory certification program NVIDIA started to go along with it.  I started writting up the Venice core article where I take a lower speed CPU and overclock the heck out of it, with a lot of success.  That should be up either tomorrow or Thursday.  Stay tuned for that and more!