Its gorgeous, it’s cools very well, and it’s so passive and silent you may feel the occasional need to check that it’s still running.  Guru3D got their hands on The Aquabox, and if the amount of pictures they took is any clue, I think they liked it!

“Initially I was a little skeptic about the design concept as I worried a little how well a passively cooled system can cool down a modern CPU, in our case an Athlon 64 4000+, but what if I tell you that we never ever topped 35 Degrees C with this kit, in complete silence and with the heat dissipated from the ambient surroundings (inside) of your PC case.

Interesting?  Yes, of course it is. Let’s talk a little about cooling and then startup a big photo session on everything that we did with this kit as it isn’t just about cooling, it’s also about aesthetics, you’ll get UV reactive peripherals, UV reactive water, and a blacklight to make it all light up like a Christmas tree. Really good stuff. ”

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