Grace at Xtreme Resouces took a Prescott and Revoltec’s Liquid-Icer Rev. 2, to see what she could do with it.  Well, the short answer is this! For the long answer, I urge you to read her full review.  There is more, including Bit Tech looking at a waterbased CPUblock and HDD cooler from CoolerMaster.
“Just a few years ago, water cooling a PC component was practically unheard of. At some point some people did however and some companies jumped o­n the opportunity to create water cooling systems for the enthusiasts, claiming a share of that market. So water cooling became something known and widely used just 2 years ago, evolving rapidly. Revoltec had o­ne of the first and oldest complete kits around, the Liquid-Icer. It was a nice, simple water cooling kit, great for Athlon socket A processors at the time. But time has come for it to evolve as well. Revoltec just introduced the new version of the Liquid-Icer, the Liquid-Icer rev.2, which is available for all the mainstream sockets available currently, claiming to perform great o­n all of them. To my good fortune, I have a Liquid-Icer rev.2 for socket 775 here for testing, to its bad fortune with the hottest CPU currently available, the Pentium 4 EE Prescott core. Let us see how this water cooling kit can fare against the heat of an overclocked Prescott.”

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