Over this past weekend, actually from Wednesday until Sunday night, I have done nothing except move people.  One of my good friends bought a condo, and we moved what few things he had furnture-wise on Wednesday in what turned out ot be only a single day job.  My mom also moved this weekend, and that was quite a different story.  I started organizing a somewhat-packed 4 bedroom house on Thursday morning, into Friday and to Saturday afternoon.  Then the heavy lifting starting Saturday evening and went on until Sunday at about 6pm.  A big hearty thanks goes out to my friends for bailing me out of a really bad situation during that move.

Unfortunately, that five day hiatus put all of my work on temporary hold until this morning.  I have the new NVIDIA NF4 Intel chipset nearly completed testing, and I’ll starting writing that as soon as I get done with this post.  Other items I had planned on getting out the door before the NVIDIA launch included the Venice core article I am nearly done with as well as two more Pentium M based articles.  This week will be a busy one on PC Perspective if all goes well.

Progress on my new house is progressing quite well, unlike most other things in my life! 🙂  Below are a few more pictures of the changes in the house, now at 16 days of construction!

Worn out from the Weekend - Editorial 4

Worn out from the Weekend - Editorial 5

Worn out from the Weekend - Editorial 6

As you can see, the first floor is framed (nearly) and the second floor is supposed to be going up this week, pending weather.  And right now, the super intendent is estimating all should be done about the time I am in the middle of Computex in Taipei, Taiwan.  Perfect!  😉