Well, with the release of the ATI Radeon X800 XL 512 MB card today, a new stage has been set for games and gaming.  I’m not trying to tell you that you need a 512 MB card today, or even next month, as that is obviously not the case.  But, you can be sure that the next-gen graphics cards are going to have 512 MB of frame buffer and maybe, just maybe, by the end of the year you’ll actually be using it all!

Also, in case you missed, I finally got that Asus CT-479 adaptor review online.  This looks like it might be the best option for current users that want an alternative to the P4 or Athlon 64 line, but you are still going to be paying a hefty price for that choice.  The performance is there, and the power usage and heat benefits are there — but the price is not.

I haven’t been by the house since they started putting drywall up a week and a half ago, as I was out of town for a while.  I am planning on stopping by this weekend to see if its done yet (ha!) and I’ll bring back some pictures of whats going on to share.

Over the weekend, I spent some time with my Dad and some other family members on a four day golf outing in Asheville, North Carolina.  We went to Etowah Valley Country Club and had a great time of doing absolutely nothing but eating, golfing and playing cards.  It really gave me an insight as to how I see myself retiring one day!  Our schedule was pretty brutal:

  • 0600 – Awake!
  • 0645 – Outstanding breakfast
  • 0800 – Golf 18 holes
  • 1300 – Lunch
  • 1400 – Golf 18 holes
  • 1900 – Outstanding dinner
  • 2200 – Sleep!

And that’s how it went for four days straight.  It felt pretty weird going to bed before midnight and waking up before the sun was up, at least for me.  Anyone else have any “retirement experiences” like this one before?